Group and Family Sessions

OnFamily delivers face-to-face therapeutic programs throughout the year for various age groups and are delivered based on interest and need. Subsidies are available to low-income earners and cost is based on a sliding scale dependent on circumstances. To register your interest in engaging in a program or attending a group, please send us an email identifying the group you wish to attend, and OnFamily will contact you with details and dates. Alternatively, you can call us directly to discuss. Further information on our 2019/2020 groups can be found below.
Parenting a traumatised child

Designed for foster carers and parents of a child with a history of trauma, this 2-day program promotes understanding of traumatic responses in behaviour and ways to work effectively to alleviate a child’s distress. The program also focuses on self care, exploring and reducing our own negative emotional responses to traumatised behaviours through dialectical behavioural concepts and practical application.

Living in the

An introductory 1-day program which briefly examines the science behind mindfulness and its positive effects on a variety of mental health issues and day to day stressors. The program provides practical mindfulness techniques that can be used for many situations. Weekly mindfulness groups are also available for children, youth and adults to practice mindfulness meditation in a safe and non judgmental environment.

Building resilience and hope

Designed for youth, this group program engages young people through practical exploration of presenting issues such as social isolation, identity concerns and mental health. Utilising body-based techniques, creative expression and cognitive-behavioural therapy, this program aims to improve self-esteem, resilience and connection with others.

Family Talk®

The Family Talk intervention, designed by Emerging Minds (previously the Australian Infant, Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health Association – AICAFMHA)  is an evidence-based program for  parents experiencing depression and/or anxiety to foster resilience in their children and the family unit. Meeting weekly with parents, children and the family unit as a whole for an average of 5 sessions, Family Talk assists to facilitate age-appropriate discussions around parental mental health, assess the impact of this on children and develop skills for the parents to work alongside their children in reducing their risk.